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Spare tire carrier for Semi truck or tractor trailer
Spare tire holder for 18 wheelers aka Big Rigs, holds 22.5 and 24.5 tires
Back of cab spare tire carrier for semi truck with fps-industries.com sticker
Back of cab tire rack for Semi truck and trailer
customer installed spare tire carrier or rack.  accessible from the catwalk at the back of cab
FPS Industries semi truck spare tire carrier installed bought online at fps-industries.com
back of cab showing a fps-industries.com spare tire carrier installed on a semi truck
Customer installed spare tire carrier without tire
Customer installed spare tire rack
Installed on Freightliner Back of cab Semi truck spare tire carrier rack for tractor trailers
The best Semi truck spare tire carrier rack for tractor trailers installed on the back of cab
Installed Semi truck spare tire carrier rack for tractor trailers on the back of the cab

Semi Truck Spare Tire Carrier Rack for Tractor-Trailers (tire only, no rim)

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This steel rack bolts to the tractor frame behind the back of the cab.  On most trucks this rack will fit in between the back of the cab and the catwalk.  With this rack you can safely and legally carry a spare tire.  This rack is not designed to carry a tire and rim. 

The built in strap and ratcheting handle allows you to keep the tire securely in place and eliminates the need to worry about it falling out while driving.  Your tire rack will have a black strap and black powder coat finish.

Use the attached chain to padlock lock the tire to the rack and prevent your spare tire from being stolen.

Our racks are powder coated for maximum rust protection and easily bolts on to the frame without any drilling.

If you need to carry a rim and tire please contact us.


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